This site has not been updated in many years, and by now is mainly of historical interest

Welcome to the P.A.C.E. Virtual Summer Opportunities Fair.

This is where you may check out a variety of Activities and Camps for summer enrichment. While developed with particular interest in fostering the growth of our gifted and talented children, many or most items will be helpful to find opportunities to stimulate and enrich the summers of all children. Some may even be helpful for the particular needs of special populations.

Resources are targeted first towards gifted and talented students and their families in the Columbus City Schools district. Most should also be helpful for other gifted and talented students and families in Central Ohio. Some may have even wider geographic interest. Most resources will also be of interest to all students needing stimulating summer activities. Many may even be helpful for special needs students and families.

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This site is a project of Parents for Academic Challenge and Enrichment (P.A.C.E.)

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