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<h3>A Sample Camp by P.A.C.E.</h3>

<strong>sponsor:</strong> P.A.C.E. – Parents for Academic Challenge and Enrichment

(we meet at) Columbus Education Center, (in the main Board meeting room downstairs) 270 E. State Street.

Columbus, OH 43219-2668

<strong>Phone:</strong> (614) 000-0000 ext: 123 <strong>Fax:</strong> (614) 000-0001

<strong>Web:</strong> ColumbusPACE.org

<strong>Email:</strong> pace -AT- ColumbusPACE.org

<strong>contact person:</strong> Scott Prigan

<strong>subject/content:</strong> making this information available to you

<strong>age/grade level:</strong> Pre-K, Elementary, Middle, High School

<strong>type (day/overnight/other):</strong> all day and all night

<strong>length of program:</strong> perpetually

<strong>cost:</strong> free

<strong>financial aid?:</strong> Yes

<strong>Notes:</strong> This is an example of where you submit “Program Description” information for the Virtual Summer Opportunities Fair 2010. Information will be available on this web site