A Sample Camp by P.A.C.E.

A Sample Camp by P.A.C.E.

sponsor: P.A.C.E. – Parents for Academic Challenge and Enrichment (we meet at) Shepard Center, 873 Walcutt Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43219

Phone: (614) 000-0000 ext: 123

Fax: (614) 000-0001 Web: ColumbusPACE.org

Email: summeropportunities@ColumbusPACE.org

contact person: Scott Prigan

subject/content: making this information available to you

age/grade level: Pre-K, Elementary, Middle, High School

type (day/overnight/other): all day and all night

length of program: perpetually

cost: free

financial aid?: Yes

Notes: This is an example of where you submit “Program Description” information for the Virtual Summer Opportunities Fair 2010.
Information will be available on this web site, and in the Booklet we may again publish